Darren Hood’s Information Architecture & Information Design Book Recommendation List

by Darren Hood

Time for another book recommendation list (and this one’s overdue). As mentioned in a recent post, information architecture (IA) has been a forgotten and/or overlooked part of user experience for several years now. This is grossly inappropriate for several reasons. Most notably, in addition to serving as a core foundational discipline to what we now know as UX, its application is the only way to ensure optimization of findability and proper implementation of information design.

While there are some who still understand, embrace, and practice IA in their UX roles, this is still a new concept to others. In addition, it’s either not taught in many circles or it’s taught poorly. For this reason, to assist the masses, I’ve compiled a new book recommendations list that focuses on information architecture (and some covering information design as well).

Source: UX Knowledge Base

Here’s the list:

Bonus/Honorable Mention


It’s very sad that information architecture is an overlooked and forgotten skill. Considering its main by-product, findability, and the fact that this by-product is at the core of EVERY experience, to lack IA acumen is to lack in UX acumen. In other words, the UX professional who lacks IA knowledge and skill is limited in value.

I challenge everyone reading this post to examine where you stand concerning this topic and seek to fill your knowledge and skills gaps. You will benefit. Your team will benefit. The discipline will benefit. Everyone wins!

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