The UX Job Seeker Manifesto

by Darren Hood, MSUXD, MSIME

Talk to aspiring UX professionals around the world and you’ll find that the most common challenge (and frustration) among them involves the pursuit of the first job. “I’ve applied to several UX jobs and can’t even get an interview,” is echoed around the world — to the extent that it seems like some kind of mantra. Many of these people have either completed a degree, a UX bootcamp, or a certificate program and all expected more.

This blog post is being written to provide one thing that isn’t usually communicated. Proper perspective. I’ll do this by presenting what I call the UX Job Seeker Manifesto. It’s a list of truths, expectations, and attitudes that are important to embrace as you continue your occupational and career pursuits.

You might not want to hear these things, but they’re important to know, understand, and embrace. Ready? Let’s begin:

  1. Nobody can promise you a job.
    Many “educational” venues promise those who enter their institution they’ll get a job. Newsflash!!! NOBODY can promise you a job. Unfortunately, this is the worst part of the lie. The worst part is the sense of entitlement people have because of the false promise. Instead of embracing the false promise, understand that the educational foundation you’ve laid has (hopefully) helped to make you marketable. Put it to work, but understand that there are no guarantees.

These truths, expectations, and attitudes will help to put you in the right state of mind and offset the entitlement, bias, and toxic positivity that threatens the well-being.


For all the new UXers out there, welcome!!! I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Just remember nothing worth pursuing comes without work, purpose, and patience. You’ll also have difficulty succeeding without the right preparation, expectations, and drive. You’ll just have a semblance that seems like success. ;-)

If if you need more info downloads, I’ve posted one of my podcast episodes to help you along the way.

Hang in there…. and remember the UX Job Seeker Manifesto.

Darren Hood is a 26+ year UX practitioner with a broad professional footprint that spans several types of business. He serves as an adjunct professor at Kent State University (Kent, Ohio), Lawrence Tech University (Southfield, Michigan), and Harrisburg University (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania). He is also one of the authors featured in “97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know.”

You can hear more from the Darren by checking out the UX Uncensored Medium page or listening to The World of UX with Darren Hood wherever podcasts are available.



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Darren Hood: UX pro (27+ yrs), adjunct professor, TEDx and conference speaker, author (97 Things UX book), host of The World of UX podcast, & “pure UX” advocate