Toxic Positivity & The Decline of UX

A photo of a young lady pretending to be happy, illustrating toxic positivity

“When you get serious about design, you’ll want to look into Photoshop.”

In other words, when you tell some folks that their tire is flat (metaphorically speaking), they coil up, engage in denial, take the statement personally, and/or become resentful towards the messenger. They see the input as negative. They’d rather be praised and coddled, basically ignoring something that needs their attention, never realizing the self-destructive nature and eventual result of their behavior.

It should be noted that the words and attitudes of a realist are anathema (i.e., of extreme offense) to the toxic positivist, but this is an indication that something is awry. The toxic positivist doesn’t like the way the realist makes them feel, but there is a price to be paid for avoiding necessary discomfort.

Photo of people having a difficult conversation




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UX Uncensored

UX Uncensored

Darren Hood: UX pro (27+ yrs), adjunct professor, TEDx and conference speaker, author (97 Things UX book), host of The World of UX podcast, & “pure UX” advocate